SecureCopy3 was designed to allow new users of the Paranoia3 products to covert all their existing stock of backup and archive tapes to a secure state.

SecureCopy3 is a stand alone solution to the problem of conversion that does not require and host connectivity or processing to operate.  SecureCopy3 consists of the main unit itself, two tape drives and the control PC.

SecureCopy3 is available with either SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS interfaces so supports all types and makes of tape technologies.

As well as being able to copy and encrypt SecureCopy3 can be used as a straightforward tape duplication solution and can even copy between different media types.   If you have an archive on media no longer supported on your host system SecureCopy3 can be used to copy this archive to the tape format in use on the latest systems as well as converting it to a secure state, all in a single operation.

SecureCopy3 can copy and Encrypt but can also copy an encrypted tape to a plain text tape.  This feature has been used by a number of financial organisations who needed to transfer large amounts of data securely to a location o another continent.   The information to be transferred was encrypted on one SecureCopy3 solution and the tapes were then shipped by regular air courier to the remote location where other SecureCopy3 units were used to convert the tapes to a non-encrypted state.

The SecureCopy3 solution has also been specified where tapes from a number of different system types and operating systems needed to be shipped between remote sites for DR purposes.   After regular non secure backups are run these tapes are then duplicated and encrypted by the SecureCopy3 before being shipped to the remote Data centre where by using other SecureCopy3 units they can be de-crypted ready for use on the systems at this site. The original, non secure tapes are retained in the originating data centre for local restores.  This was seen as a simpler and less costly solution compared with using Paranoia3 units on each system and avoided the need to do the duplication on each system improving availability to the users.

Download SecureCopy3 SCSI datasheet

Download SecureCopy3_FC datasheet

Download  SecureCopy3_SAS datasheet