SafeTape3 offers a simple way of adding secure backup and archive encryption to your existing environment. Based on a field proven system with over 16 years of active use, SafeTape3 is fully compatible with the Paranoia2 range of encryption appliances. No changes to the operational procedures or installation of agents / drivers are needed, which means integration is fast and stress free.

When it comes to a Disaster Recovery situation the simplicity and ease of use means your restores are no more complex than when using standard tape drive, ensuring your business is back in operation with the minimum delay.

SafeTape3 LTO Fibre unit
SafeTape3 LTO Fibre unit

Designed to do the job!

The SafeTape3 uses standard tape drives with a additional hardware designed to deliver backup and archive media encryption. Unlike some later drives with so-called in-built encryption, no extra software is required on the host system to control the encryption or handle the keys ensuring the SafeTape3 can be utilised transparently across all system types and with all backup applications.


SafeTape3 is fully compatible with the Paranoia3 range of encrypted tape subsystems and is fully backward read capable with tapes written with the Paranoia or Paranoia1 products.

GUI Management

The simple PConfig GUI allows users to enter the two user keys and to monitor the unit remotely either, via a serial connection, or a network connection. When multiple tape drives are connected to the Paranoia3 each unit can be set independently to either encrypt, decrypt or simply pass through the data as required.

Data Compliance

It is increasingly difficult for companies to ensure they are meeting all the compliance requirements placed on them, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GBLA and similar regulations. To ensure the backup and archive tapes do not allow any regulations to be accidentally broken, the SafeTape3 offers a simple and straightforward way to encrypt all company data saved to tape.