In all organisations protecting your corporate data is a top priority. It is vital to ensure that you are able to access your data quickly and with minimal hassle in the event of a disaster, it is also important to ensure that any data that is sent off-site is protected. Paranoia3 can help you ensure that all data sent off-site is secured using AES Encryption, and with the Paranoia3 doing a recovery of that data is just as simple as encrypting it.

Paranoia3 provides a straightforward way of implementing backup tape encryption in to any IT Environment, without changes to the operating system or corporate procedures.

With Data Breaches are making the headline news on a weekly if not daily basis, it is important that you protect not only your company’s data, but also your corporate image. By utilising the Paranoia3 within your backup environment you can ensure that if a data breach does occur, it won’t effect you as the integrity of your data is ensured.

The Paranoia3 is simply installed between the existing backup server and backup device, with little to no downtime required. AES Encryption for your backup device can be implemented without having to change your existing hardware and software, meaning that no change to the media is also required. Paranoia3 also helps you avoid the timely and costly implementation of a complex Encryption and Key Management solution.

Download the Paranoia3 Datasheet