iCard / iSecurePackage

The iCard/iSecure package is designed to allow a simple control and key entry for the Paranoia2, Paranoia3, SecureCopy3 and SafeTape3 products, utilising secure smartcards.

Card reader and SmartCards

iSecure entry screen

Management package which allows for the personalisation of the smart cards and includes the software and hardware necessary to add to a standard Windows based system. Selection of the encryption method and key generation is done at this point.

The iCard software part of the iCard / iSecure package would normally be under the control of the Audit / Security department within an organisation. iCard allows smartcards to be configured to allow staff to carry out all functions with differing levels of authority and can be site specific, or cover all sites within the business. Cards are personalised by the customer to contain:

  • Key(s) if the users access level requires it
  • User ID and full Name
  • User Access levels
  • User pin (random number generator)
  • Password protected Access
  • User Issue Number
  • Site Reference Number

To activate the cards the user is required to enter a PIN number, this may be personalised by the user, any change will be recorded in the audit log. All data on the card is encrypted except for the user name.