Insight Audit

Audit makes the data flow visible in detail, showing potential weaknesses in the security settings. It therefore allows the determination of forensic information. The ability to generate this information is an important contribution to IT compliance and matches with laws and industry regulations. The Federal Data Protection Act, for example, specifies a logging as mandatory. At the same time EgoSecure INSIGHT-Audit makes the violation of the privacy rights of employees impossible, since the access to logging data is protected by a 4 or 6 eye principle.

Insight Analysis

To make sure that protective measures are implemented optimally, the INSIGHT module first determines the user’s overall safety situation in the corporate network.

The results of this analysis are then processed according to management needs and shown in graphs and tables. Thus INSIGHT provides the facts to show an overall picture of the data security for every business and organization. The display is cumulative, so that conclusions about the activities of individual users are not possible. The data shown this way are optimal to specifically establish the protective measures that are really needed.