Device Management

Device management allows a clear definition of who can use which devices (e.g. USB sticks, CDs, TV tuner) or interfaces (e.g. WLAN, Firewire, USB) and to what extent. Thus, all of these devices can be used without causing abuse or risking the loss of data. It also prevents malware of getting into the corporate network via these interfaces. Device Management offers effective protection against “attackers from inside”.

Connection Access Control

Data transfers are nowadays, in addition to the official channels via the corporate network, possible through many ways – Bluetooth, WiFi, modem, etc. However, a company should control via which routes data leave the company. Connection Access Control checks which employee has access to which data transmission devices.

Cloud Access Control

The use of the cloud has many advantages in terms of flexibility of labour, because data can be accessed anywhere. Particularly sensitive data, however, should not be saved in the cloud and some data types may not even be allowed by law to be saved. Especially in so-called third countries. Cloud Access Control checks which employee is allowed to use which cloud services to which extent.