Simple and secure security for tape

Paranoia3 is the straightforward way to encrypt your backups, without having to make changes to your Operating System, Backup Software or Procedures.  This is the fourth generation of the Paranoia family and is in use around the globe in large and small companies and organisations. Paranoia3 supports all tape drive types from the early legacy drives through to the latest LTO7 technology.

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Move your archive to secure status

SecureCopy3 offers a simple, fast and efficient way to convert your existing non-encrypted tape archive to a secure archive.

The data held in an archive is often overlooked and SecureCopy3 allows this possible security weakness to be rectified, without the need to move the archive of tapes away from their secure storage location.  SecureCopy3 is compatible with all versions of the Paranoia3 units.

SecureCopy3 details.


The innovative solution for your data security

EgoSecure uses Insight to analyse the situation in the network, discover how USB storage devices are used over a period of time, what was saved on them or brought into the company, which data stored in the cloud and which applications were actually used. All functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console.

After analysing the data flow and identifying the weak links with INSIGHT, the protective measures can be configured individually with 20 protective functions. These protective functions are based on the C.A.F.E. Management Principle.

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