The core of the DISUK range is the Paranoia3 in line tape encryption appliance.

Paranoia3 Fibre appliance

These are available in either SCSI, Fibre Channel or a Fibre host to SAS tape drive interface versions.

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The SecoreCopy3 is a stand alone copy and encrypt/ decrypt solution and has two different applications. It can be used to convert an existing archive of unsecured tapes to a secure archive without the need to reintroduce the tapes to the hosts systems.

SecureCopy3 SCSI unit

The second application is for secure transit of tapes between sites,.

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A complete solution comprising of a standard tape drive and encryption electronics in either a rack mount or desk top enclosure.

SCSI SafeTape3 LTO

SafeTape3 units are available with a range of tape drives covering the TLO range as well as legacy drives.

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SCSI Connect

Using the SCSIConnect unit you can connect legacy differential ended SCSI (HVD) devices to modern systems that use the LVD SCSI interface.

SCSI Connect rack mount appliance

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iCard / iSecure

This management suite is designed to allow centralised production and management of the Paranoia family of encryption products using smartcards.

Car reader and SmartCards

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