Secure Backup

The core business of the Paranoia family of products is built on the requirement to ensure data saved on to backup or archive tapes is only easily available to the business saving it but secured from access by any other people.

Paranoia3 fits between the system and the tape drive(s) or library and seamlessly encrypts all data being sent to the devices.  When a read is actioned the Paranoia3 decrypts the data so from the systems viewpoint all is exactly the same as a non-encrypted device being attached.

No special software or drivers are needed to utilise the Paranoia3 and it can be used on any system type and any standard tape software.

Secure tape backup

Secure inter site transit

Even with modern high-speed data links it is sometimes required to have very large amounts of data moved between sites that is best achieved by shipping a number of high capacity tapes between the sites.   This can also occur when a business acquires another business in a different country where it is either not practical or maybe prohibited by regulation to allow the two to be interconnected.

By utilising SecureCopy3 units at the two locations where the tapes need to be transferred between the information can be securely encrypted onto tapes, the tapes shipped with a standard courier, and then decrypted with the SafeTape3 at the remote site.  In many cases this may be a once only requirement so SecureCopy3 units are available for short term rental periods.

Disaster recovery

Many businesses rely on a system on a shared DR site rather than having their own dedicated systems available for DR.  The issue then becomes how to enable the system to be made available with the minimum delays whilst still ensuring security of the data.

By utilising Paranoia3 units on both the live and DR sites it is possible to do a complete bare metal restore from the system backup to get the business up and running again with the minimum delay or complication.

Archive Media Type Conversion

SecureCopy3 can be utilised to convert an archive of older tape formats to a modern format without the need to move the tapes from their offsite storage.  The unit will be configured with one drive to read the older format tapes and the second drive the modern format.  If required the unit can also be configured to encrypt the new tapes so they can be used directly on the system using the Paranoia3 or SafeTape3 unit.

Utilisation in a shared Tape Silo

Where one part of a business needs to ensure data security of their information but needs to back this up on the corporate tape silo the Paranoia3 meets this need in the easiest way.  Parnaioa3 unit(s) are fitted between the systems with the information to be secured and a drive in the silo and all data is then encrypted on the fly. If another part of the business tries to read the tapes either in error or intentionally, they will just get an error as the whole tape is encrypted and unreadable to them.