Around the globe, companies and organisations are struggling to protect information they hold from a myriad of attack fronts as well as complying with a range of regulatory compliance rules. There is no “Magic Bullet” which will cover all needs, whatever some companies say.

DISUK specialise in one area by supplying end point security solutions for a wide range of devices and system. DISUK designs and manufactures the Paranoia family of tape encryption appliances which are now on Generation Four, and have been securing sensitive information for companies and organisations globally since 1995. Paranoia3 offers Always on encryption for archive and backup for any system, backup software and tape drive, or tape library. A single solution for securing information on tape across all your corporate infrastructure.

The SecureCopy3 product offers a unique way to move a archive of tape information to a secure, encrypted status without the need to a run it back through the original systems.

DISUK has also looked at and evaluated a number of solutions to assist our customers to increase the level of security beyond the tape use.   We are aware of the complication of trying to install, configure and utilise a range of different solutions to tackle each need and we have selected EgoSecure as a single product to meet our internal needs as well as being able to offer this to our customers.   By having a single product where you can select to purchase just what you need for individual users and devices, this simplifies the ability to protect the internal and external information and devices.